Advanced information system for intelligent maintenance of solar power plants.

The project offers a mix of product and a service: - The product is the drone system with sensors. - The service is the app hosted in AEORUM and offered as a SaaS. In terms of value for our customers: From a technical perspective: - The product: does basically the same function as the competition but in another way: to fly over the PV or IBPV and adquire the data with a drone. The great difference is that with this solution, after a previous configuration of the device, this data acquisition will not be handly, but automatically. That means that we will have same data format at every maintenance visit. And that’s a huge advantage. - The service: Once we gather all the data, the software is able to do an automatic analysis of the PV, improving the algorithms accuracy thanks to the huge data base that the server will receive, and doing the final report remotely. From a busines perspective: The full system will reduce the cost of maintenance and will improve the inspection result.

178 GW of Solar Power are now installed in the world. The annual PV market volume has multiplied by 40 times in less than a decade, and the global value of the PV sector will probably reach the landmark of 100 billion EUR in 2015. It’s a statement on the development of solar PV technology that operation and maintenance activities cost is around $25 per kW. Therefore, the global market for PV maintenance reached approximately 4 billion EUR in 2014. There is an understandable focus on maximizing ROI and system production. System uptime and availability is a key objective. HelioXcan software will provide a standardization of maintenance practices, facilitating both investor analyses of risk factors as well as securitization of PV asset cash flows. In Europe, UK, Germany and France lead the development of PV, so it makes sense to approach these three markets on the first place. A following worldwide expansion should include China, Japan and USA, as they are the three top PV markets.


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These are the main technologies used

Computer Vision

Remote control of incidents.

Artificial Intelligence

Decision making in real time.

Drone Fleet Management

Multiple operational capacity.

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